Jade Waters-Tippo, AMFT



“When do we get to sleep again?”

-new MOM


New Parents

What just happened? New parents go through a roller coaster of emotions and transitions. All the planning in the world cannot prepare you for the ups and downs. And while parenting advice can be useful, it helps to have a safe place to explore this new identity and make sense of the changes babies bring.

Common issues include:

  • difficulties sleeping

  • clashing parenting styles

  • carving out “us” time

  • learning to juggle

“I don’t want to go!”



Preschool & Kindergarten

Transitions abound and new battles begin as young children enter the world of school, friendships, social expectations, and learning to learn.

Common concerns include:

  • separation anxiety

  • emotional regulation

  • bed wetting

  • impulsivity

  • nightmares

  • difficulty with peers

  • siblings conflicts

  • meltdowns & tantrums

  • “bad” language & meanness

  • hitting

“But I can’t…”

-2nd grader



Family and school life is now in full swing. And the little tree you are growing is starting to develop in ways you never saw coming. Routines that once worked now need rethinking. It can be helpful for everyone to adopt a flexible mindset. But how?

Common concerns include:

  • anxiety

  • emotional regulation

  • friendships

  • academic / school difficulties

  • learning differences

  • over-scheduling

  • sibling issues

  • bullying

  • internet safety

  • healthy eating

“Then she called me a…”

-6th grader


Middle school is where the rubber meets the road and kids are trying to put it all together. Popularity becomes key and self-esteem, bullying, sexuality, or school-related issues can become overwhelming.


Common concerns include:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • defiance

  • navigating social media

  • developing identities

  • puberty & sexuality

  • homework struggles


This is a time of exciting growth for your child and your family. But life is moving fast! Child-parent conflicts can become parent-parent conflicts. And everything can be compounded by issues like anxiety, grief, divorce, or trauma.

“It used to be so…”



Changing families

It’s said that change is inevitable, but growth is a choice. Whether a family is growing together or apart, it can be painful. This is a time to breathe, accept new resources, and learn to ride the wave to shore.

Common issues include:

  • new baby

  • adoption

  • separation / divorce

  • co-parenting

  • creating a blended family

  • single parenting

  • loss / grief

“Don’t give me that look.”



Parenting in the Digital Age

Yikes! Managing screen time, video game addiction, social media drama. Do we “lean in” or lean way out? Every family and every child is different, but one thing is for sure: this takes parenting to a new level!

common issues include:

  • bullying / meanness

  • compulsive behaviors

  • isolation

  • unauthorized purchases

  • loss of physical activity

  • consumption vs. creativity

“What does it mean to thrive?”

Healthy Relationships

We manage all kinds of relationships each day. Family, friends, work, school, food, sex, money, self. We are multidimensional and our intersecting identities and relationships can be a source of health and heartache. If you are struggling in areas beyond parenting, it can help to get some “you time” for outside perspective and support. Learn to move past “should” and “must,” and find the optimal-holistic-healthy you.

common issues include:

  • self image

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • work / life balance

  • social issues

  • healthy eating

  • financial strains

  • grief & loss

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